Are you looking for an exciting, educational, child-centered summer camp?

Mosaic Summer Camp
is what your child needs!

Class Overview

Age Groups

5-8 years old
8-12 years old

Class Size

Small - Medium

Interactive Learning

Field Trips
Life Skills


Full Day
Half Day

What We Offer Students

•   Fun, Meaningful & Engaging Hands-on Activities
•   Field Trips
•   Talent Show
•   Reading Book Club
•   Dance Lessons
•   Yoga & Fitness

•   Science Fair
•   Swimming
•   Arts & Crafts
•   Indoor & Outdoor Games
•   Nature Exploration
•   Healthy & Nutritious Homemade Breakfast
•   Lunch & Snacks (Sponsored by CACFP)

Mosaic Summer Camp has thematic activities where children would explore and discover the fun of experiencing different settings such as Explore the Sea, Forest Adventure, Health & Fitness, Culture, and many more.

We aim to make the most of every child's summer camp an enjoyable, meaningful and inspirational experience.

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